Laredo Border Olympics

Our History

Since 1932, Laredo has been hosting sports tournaments, highlighting Laredo’s best athletes and the City as a tourist destination.  Border Olympics, Inc., a chartered non-profit organization, had its humble beginnings as part of Laredo’s Washington’s Birthday Celebration.  It all started with a track meet, known back then as the International Frontier Olympics, which was headed by a chairman of the Olympics Committee of the Washington’s Birthday Celebration Association (WBCA).  Student athletes representing high schools, colleges and universities from throughout Texas and Mexico attended the track and field meet, making it an international event. As a result of its growth and stature, the track meet separated from WBCA and the organizers created its own Board of Directors, officers and established a charter.  This new collaboration was named Border Olympics, Inc.

In 1947, the inaugural Border Olympics Track and Field Meet was scheduled for the first weekend of March and it has been held that same weekend ever since. Border Olympics grew over the years with the additions of a collegiate golf tournament (1952), a tennis tournament (1976) and a high school baseball tournament (1987). In 1989, a Girls’ track and field division was added. Since then we have added Boys’ and Girls’ High School Golf, Girls’ Softball, Girls’ Soccer, Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball, and Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country. This organization is successful every year because of its dedicated volunteers.